Picture Perfect: 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Pro to Take Photos of your Student Rental in France

In life, there are some universal truths. For example, if you drop a piece of toast, it will probably land on the buttered side, or if you plan a picnic, it’s probably going to rain. Here’s one you might not know, though: When it comes to listing a student rental property online, you really, really need photos. In fact, pretty much every rental expert will tell you that if your ad doesn’t feature pictures of your property, you might as well not even bother.

 But is it enough to just snap a few shots yourself? Not really. Most of us have access to some kind of camera and can take pictures. But that doesn’t mean we know how to take good pictures. Are you absolutely sure that your photos show your student rental in France to its best advantage? What angles should you choose? What about lighting? These questions are one reason why professional photographers are a property owner’s best ally. If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why hiring a pro to shoot your France student rental property is a smart strategy:student rental in France professional photogrphs

  1. We all need something to look at

    As we mentioned above, when you post a rental listing (or if you’re trying to rent out or sell just about anything else online, for that matter), potential clients want to see what you’re offering. Countless studies show that if an ad doesn’t include photos, significantly less people will click on it, let alone pursue it any further. Famous French ad site Leboncoin.fr, which deals with property as well as just about anything else people can legally sell, even goes so far as to include a caveat on their posting form: “An ad with photos gets seven times more views than one without pictures.” And of course, the better the photos, the better your chances are that people will be interested in your property, since they’ll not only see it, but see it in its best light.

  1. First impressions are important

    …and you may not have much time to make one! There are a lot of student property listings out there, and a lot of people looking through them. One study found that online searches account for about 70% of the way Millennials (i.e. most students) find a place to rent. But they don’t look at all ads the same way. As digital marketing firm Booje points out, having been surrounded by advertising since their infancy, Millennials have excellent filters. Only truly remarkable listings will catch their attention. That’s why your photos need to be high-quality, high-definition images that highlight all of the reasons why a student would want to live in your property. The best kind of photos would do even more than that, making them dream of staying there, or picture it already as their home away from home.

The excellent photo quality of this clean but no-frills student rental will stand out against other listings…

The excellent photo quality of this clean but no-frills student rental will stand out against other listings…

  1. Stay competitive

    A picture isn’t just worth a thousand words; high-quality photos can make your listing stand out among thousands of others. It’s estimated that there are over 2.3 million post-secondary students in France each year, with over 50% of them living away from home. Student rentals are big business and should be treated as such. That doesn’t mean an influx of potential renters just for you, though; thousands of other people have invested in student rental properties. You have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd. Great photos that will linger in potential renters’ memories are one of your most important weapons.

  1. Pictures show more than just your property

    Sometimes, an action has deeper ramifications than what you might think, and posting professional photos of your property is one of those times. If a person looking at your ad sees that you’ve spent money on a detail like this, chances are they’ll get the impression that you’re truly invested in your rental, and that it’s in excellent condition, with any repairs or emergencies being dealt with quickly – very persuasive selling points.

  1. It really does make a difference

    It may seem irritating or extravagant to spend money on a professional photographer when you can just take pictures yourself for free. There really isn’t much of a difference between expensive shots and the ones you can take yourself, right? If this is your mindset, why not take a look at this experiment, where property rental blogger Matt Landau listed an apartment with photos he took, then listed it again with photos taken by a professional. Even if you don’t read what happened, the pictures themselves will probably give you a good hint as to which set of photos brought in more bookings!

At first glance, it may seem outlandish to spend money on professional photos for a student property. After all, they’re STUDENTS, right? But consider this: vacation property owners have been using this strategy for years to dramatically increase the number of annual holiday rental bookings, which in turn increases their general return on investment. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money.

Professional photos of your student rental in France are an investment, but there’s good news: the rentals you’re likely to get by having high-quality, appealing photos in your ad will more than cover the money you laid out. In addition, with a larger pool of interested candidates, you can be more selective about choosing the right tenant. So get online or talk to people you know who are in the know and find a professional to come and take gorgeous pics of your property today! ….Or just do it yourself – but don’t say we didn’t warn you: the number of renters your DIY photos draw may not make for a very pretty picture.