Study Abroad in Clermont-Ferrand – A Student Friendly city

study abroad in Clermont-Ferrand

Why study abroad in Clermont-Ferrand

When entering Clermont-Ferrand, one may be fooled by its appearance. It is a small town nestled between the puys of the Massif Central, a chain of extinct volcanos in the center of France. The town is in fact a bustling city of over 140,000 people with strong industries such as Volvic and Michelin that attract people from all over the world. Not only does the city host many enterprises, it also boasts a strong reputation as a university town (ville d’étudiant) with three universities: Université Blaise Pascal, Université D’Auvergne and L’Ecole Supérieure De Commerce de Clermont-Ferrand. With nearly 1/3 of it’s inhabitants under the age of 20, Clermont-Ferrand offers an impressive variety of activities geared toward students that makes it one of the most student friendly cities in France.

Student night-life in Clermont-Ferrand

study abroad in Clermont-Ferrand

In the city center, there is a very active night-life for students. French and foreign students frequent bars and restaurants close to the city center. In French society, food is inextricably linked to any social gathering. Student life includes going to night-clubs and going to have dinner with friends. In Clermont-Ferrand there are bars of every type. For those who are part of the LGBT community, there are a plethora of night clubs such as Zyzy Folies, Stigès, Le Marais, L’Enigme and many more. These clubs offer drag shows and music and some offer a combination of the two. In Clermont-Ferrand area, there are several multiplex night clubs that offer theme nights and other services that are very popular with the student crowd. Night clubs like L’Atelier, Aquarius, Café Del Sol, Le Velvet and Bbox offer student themed nights during the school year. Bbowl offers bowling to those that aren’t as interested in night clubs but like student activities focusing on student life. For those interested in pubs, the most popular pubs are The Australian Bar, Les Frères Berthoms and Le Still. The Australian pub is a great place for students to meet up before going out. With an Australian theme, The Australian Bar has a reasonably priced menu and they offer a happy hour. Les Frères Berthoms is a microbrewery located in the center of town. It offers different varieties of beers and beer cocktails. It is a student favorite that caterers to Clermont-Ferrand’s young adult population. Finally, Le Still is an English style British pub. Its British owner has brought a little piece of Great Britain to Auvergne. It is one of the few pubs where English is spoken so many foreign students gather there for student nights and meet ups.

Study Abroad in Clermont-Ferrand – An Excellent Choice!

If you plan to study abroad in Clermont-Ferrand, you have made an excellent decision. Foreign students find that Clermont-Ferrand is an ideal choice. With a student population of over 40,000, this town is very welcoming and caters to every need a foreign or French student could want. With an exciting night life and many cultural offerings, Clermont-Ferrand is one of the top student towns in France.